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From a young kid I knew that I wanted to write. I also wanted to be a teacher and a singer. I changed my mind about the latter. Nothing wrong with it and I could do it, but it’s just not for me, but writing, that’s me. I could never let that go. Even when I’m not writing, I’m thinking of something to write. I write for myself. I write to inspire and I learn something new daily. I want to encourage whomever reading this to not give up on their dreams, visions…passions. Keep at it. Don’t let someone who didn’t go after their dreams discourage you from achieving yours!


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Alyssa stood at her floor length mirror in her closet admiring herself. She was about five foot nine with jet black hair that came to the middle of her back and was in a layered cut. She was curvy with caramel toned skin. Her eyes were chestnut brown and almond shaped with lashes that women paid to have glued on at their nearest nail shop.  

She placed her hand on her bare belly and questioned if she was with child. Her cycle was about two weeks late, she was nauseous, and extra tired. She thought that she was being careful. She and her boyfriend of three years used protection all the… “Oh crap!” Alyssa thought to herself. There was the one time they had one too many margaritas that night and she didn’t remember seeing any condom wrappers either. Having a baby wasn’t the problem. She actually wanted one, but she wanted to be married first. She and Matt had already been saving for a house, her credit was fine, so all she wanted was to be married before having any children.

“Babe, I’m home.” Matt called from the front room. Alyssa moved her hand from her belly and let her gown fall back into place on her thighs then walked into the living room to greet Matt.

“Hey honey. How was your day?” She asked him as she kissed his cheek.

“It was okay. I’m a little tired. How about yours?” He asked.

“Same. I’m hungry. I was just about to heat up the leftovers from last night. Did you want some?”

“Yeah. I’ll shower while you heat it up.” Matt said then walked towards the bedroom.

Alyssa walked into the kitchen to the refrigerator and took out the baked chicken, green beans, and white rice from the night before and placed them on the stove. She hummed a tune as she heated the food. Fifteen minutes later she was fixing their plates.  Matt came into the living room just in time with nothing but his boxer briefs on. Alyssa marveled the view and smiled as she handed him his plate. They both  sat on the couch to watch TV.

As they sat and ate their dinner, an email notification chimed on Alyssa’s phone. She decided to check it after she was done eating.  Now with her belly full, Alyssa lie back on the couch and snuggled under Matt. He unfolded the blanket that they kept at the other end of the couch and covered them with it then placed his arm around her and lie back as well.

“I missed you today.” He whispered in her ear.

“I missed you too babe.” She smiled.

He kissed her forehead and then her lips. They fell asleep watching, “Martin” reruns.

The next day while at work, Alyssa received another email notification. She glanced at the subject line. MUST READ . She figured it was some spam or something and ignored it. A few hours later another email came through with the same caption in the subject line except it had her name in the title. This was starting to annoy her. Just as she was about to send it straight to the spam folder another email popped up, in the subject line it said MATTHEW DANIELS.  

Stay tuned! ☺


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Writing Prompt #1

Jaycee woke up to familiar faces around her  and a pastor preaching. At least she thought she was awake. It felt more like a dream. She saw her mother, father, sister, and best friend sitting in the front pew with tears streaming from their eyes. She began to  walk over to ask what was wrong. Maybe the sermon was having an affect on them. She thought.

So she turned toward the pastor to listen to him, but the casket that sat beside him caught her attention. She walked closer and stared at the lifeless looking figure dressed in her favorite pink dress. Her hair was curly and her make-up was flawless. She wore the angel earrings that her best friend gave her as a Christmas gift and the gold necklace that her father gave to her on her twenty-first birthday.

Yep, this was her body lying in the white casket and then the memories kicked in. From a  five year old playing with dolls, to a sixteen year old getting her driver’s license, to eighteen years old and graduating high school, to a twenty-two year old graduating college, to a twenty-five year old getting married, till the last memory. The day she was shot in the chest twice because some asshole wanted to steal her car. She didn’t resist. She did everything that she was told to do and that still wasn’t enough because the jerk was out for blood. It didn’t matter if she gave up the car willing or not, he just wanted to kill.

“Jaycee.” Jayciana heard a voice calling to her. A voice she knew too well. She turned to see her late husband waiting for her. He had died of cancer the year before. “It’s time.” He smiled with his hand extended to her. “I-I don’t know.” She stammered.

“They’ll be okay.” John said as he looked towards the front pew. “I’ve been waiting for you my love.”

Jaycee smiled and took his hand in hers and kissed his cheek. They began to walk off, but Jaycee stopped. She looked at her family with tears in her eyes. “I’m going to miss them.” She said then blew them a kiss and then she and John were gone. 

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It has been a while since I’ve taken any time to sit down to write anything.  A few positive quotes here and there. And a few poems, but that’s about it. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to because I have. I think my ‘environment’ wasn’t of any help. Living in someone else’s home (besides my parents or in my own place for the first time in my life) I wasn’t able to go into my office or a room that’s dedicated just to me because I didn’t have one to go to. It’s a little difficult to concentrate somewhere that you already don’t want to be in the first place and that stays loud and busy.

Most people who aren’t writers or crafters don’t really get how important ‘alone time’ is or they really just don’t care. In my case I was dealing with a bit of both. Also not helpful when you want to sit down and write, paint, draw…be creative. Then looking at a book that I self-published not doing anything but sit on a “digital shelf” and not going anywhere was not helping with my motivation or my pride.

You go through the whole process of writing a book, editing, blah, blah,blah just to see a few sales (literally just a few) can be a bit mind boggling. It can make you question why you wrote the dang book in the first place. Obviously, I had something to get off of my chest and wanted to inspire others…spread some positivity. But what person writes a book and not want to see it selling? Yes it takes time, yes it’s a process, but a person can dream right? Of course you should have realistic expectations, but what does that mean? If the expectation isn’t met that one should just give up all together? No. As the saying goes, try, try, try again. But remember there will be times of frustration, times that you will need to take a break, and that’s okay. Do what is best for you. As for me this has been a lesson and a motivator. Yes things take time, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost.


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Fifteen minutes later Charlie and his dad were waiting in line for some wings and fries. 

They were discussing a basketball game that had been played earlier. There were two customers ahead of them and two behind them. Everyone carrying on their own conversations. The two ahead of them, a man and a woman were talking to each other and the two behind them, both women, were on their phones. Charlie noticed a black SUV go around to the drive-thru. That didn’t seem out of the ordinary, but something didn’t feel right. His stomach clenched into a tight knot. 

Charles Sr. noticed the frown on his son’s face.

“What’s wrong CJ?” He asked.

“I don’t know. Something’s not right.”  Charlie replied.

“What do you mean?” His dad questioned.

But before Charlie could answer there were loud popping sounds, windows shattering, and screams then silence. Dead silence.

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Charlie’s Life

What’s so fantastic about Charlie’s life you ask? Nothing really. He’s your average teen. Going through what a lot of teens go through.

Fourteen year old Charlie Hart is at his third school of the year. Take a peek into his life. Despite trials and tribulations that may go on, with determination anything is possible.

**This book is a collection of short stories telling about Charlie's life. The first story in this book is complete and can be read on**

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Domestic Violence…

​So I was waiting at the light after picking up my husband and saw a couple crossing the street to the sidewalk  on my side. I heard the dude say “Shut up before I slap  yo ass,” and  Buck at her. She preceded to walk away. Or at least try to. I turned back to see if my light was green when I hear my son yell “Mama!” I turned back to see the man had tackled this  woman to the ground like a football player and had slapped her. She got back up. By then we were calling the police and I was trying to make a Uturn, but that damn train… Anyway got back and  that street and couldn’t find them.  It’s  dark as ever and a lot of trees. 

 The police called back and we end up bumping into that particular officer at the light.  And a couple  more officers  came and were looking for them as well. This makes me feel some type of way.  Domestic violence is NOT cool or funny. Praying for that young ladies safety and strength to leave that man alone!